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Meet Alexandre Euverte, our Data Protection Officer

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Alexandre Euverte, Data Protection Officer

Meet Alexandre Euverte, our Data Protection Officer

Yubo, the French Social Discovery app 

Yubo, a leading social discovery app, stands out in the digital space by connecting users in real-time based on shared interests, fostering genuine friendships. However, in the online world, safety is crucial. This introduction explores how Yubo prioritizes safety for its diverse user base, particularly focusing on the younger generation, Gen Z.

In the dynamic landscape of Yubo, where connections thrive in real-time among 80 million users worldwide, our commitment to safety and privacy remains unwavering. Focused on fostering genuine friendships, Yubo stands out as a leading Social Discovery app, with a core user base aged between 18 and 25 years.

In our commitment to safety, Yubo employs various measures. From strict age assurance to advanced moderation to tackle fraudulent accounts, we take a layered approach. We also separate users by age groups, mirroring real-life interactions and limiting interactions between different age ranges.

Our safety efforts extend to 24/7 human moderation supported by AI algorithms. Live content, like audio and video streams, undergoes real-time moderation through reporting and intervention. The default activation of ‘SAFE’ mode and content filtering ensures a secure environment for users.

Yubo's age verification involves users taking a real-time photo during registration, verified against the provided age. This, coupled with identity verification (in case of serious safety risk), ensures a 98.9% accuracy rate in determining user age.

Yubo's commitment to user safety combines advanced technologies, vigilant human moderation, and user-centric features. As a pioneer in real-time moderation, Yubo continues to enhance safety measures, setting industry standards for online safety innovation.

Data Protection Officer, a pivotal role for Yubo

As Yubo forges ahead in setting industry standards for online safety innovation, the role of Alexandre Euverte, our Data Protection Officer, becomes increasingly important. In an era where real-time connections on social platforms like Yubo are paramount, the emphasis on user safety, privacy, and compliance is evident. 

The right to privacy is essential in an online environment such as a social network, where users express their freedom of expression by sharing content and information that is often related to their image, interests and private lives. 

At Yubo we have appointed a Data Protection Officer to spread a culture of privacy protection throughout the company and to ensure that personal data is used in compliance with the law.

Alexandre’s primary mission revolves around fortifying the privacy and safety of Yubo's users while supporting the company's growth and innovation. 

Before joining Yubo, Alexandre honed his skills advising tech platforms, guiding them in implementing robust data privacy programs, in compliance with French and European regulations, and handling litigation related to privacy and cybersecurity. 

His role as the Data Protection Officer underscores Yubo's commitment to user privacy, security, and adherence to global compliance standards. By setting industry standards, Yubo ensures a secure space for its dynamic audience, allowing users to express themselves freely with confidence in the protection of their data. 

Collaborating closely with the tech, product, and trust & safety teams, Alexandre is instrumental in implementing robust data privacy programs and policies. He actively enforces privacy rights, whilst combating unlawful activities, creates educational content to ensure transparency for everyone on the platform, and ensures compliance with various laws and regulations governing user privacy, user-generated content, consumer rights, artificial intelligence, etc.

Yubo's proactive stance on privacy is setting industry standards

In conclusion, Yubo, as a leading Social Discovery app with a global user base of 80 million, remains steadfast in its commitment to user safety and privacy. This dedication is particularly crucial given the real-time nature of connections on our platform, emphasizing our focus on fostering genuine friendships, especially among the younger demographic, Gen Z.

With a proactive stance on privacy enforcement, Yubo is making every effort to set industry standards for online safety innovation. We continually push boundaries to ensure that user safety remains a cornerstone of our platform without compromising the right to privacy.

Learn more about Yubo's commitment to privacy on www.yubo.live 

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