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Cookie Policy


Last updated: 8 March 2024

Our Cookie policy explains what is the technology known as “cookies”, what kinds of cookies we use on the YUBO app, websites and other services, and how you can manage your choices such as consent or opt out (depending on applicable laws). This policy complements our Privacy Policy.

Please, note that we do not use cookies on our website “yubo.live” and that this policy details our practices on the Yubo app.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files installed and stored on your device (tablet, smartphone, computer, etc.), during your session on a website or when you use a mobile app for example. There can also be other technologies used for similar purposes, like the login details associated with your device or ‘SDKs’ which are small pieces of code included in apps and which function like cookies.

Cookies may be stored permanently on your device for a period of variable duration or may be deleted upon closure of the browser or be of limited duration.

 Some cookies are placed on your device by us (first party cookies), others are placed by our service providers or partners (third party cookies).

All tracking technologies including cookies and SDKs are defined in this Cookies Policy as “cookies”.

Cookies are not used to collect data that personally identifies you (such as your name or email address), but rather process technical data related to your device or internet connection. This typically includes information about your device model and properties, your operating system, advertising IDs (IDFA/GAID/Amazon FOSAID), IP address, and tracking and cookie preferences.

Why We Use Cookies

Depending on your choices, which you can modify at any time, we may use cookies to:

  • Enable and improve the operation of the YUBO app and our services, for example, to report and resolve crashes;
  • Ensure the safety and/or security of the YUBO app, website and other services. For example, they allow us to detect and act against fraudulent activity committed by users, or which doesn’t respect the Terms of Service or the Community Guidelines of the YUBO app;
  • Measure the audience and performance of the YUBO app, allowing us to gather statistics about your use of the YUBO features and to improve our services for you;
  • Measure the performance of our marketing and attribution (for example to determine from which site or app you downloaded YUBO);
  • Show you ads so you can use free features offered on Yubo or allow you to participate in our Rewarded Ads program if you wish. We and our advertising partners may process some personal data to make those ads more relevant, measure ad performance, invoicing for the advertising service, and avoid showing you irrelevant or inappropriate ads. Note that you may not be eligible for our ad programs depending on your age, your countries and/or local laws;
  • Using features from other social media like Snapchat (e.g. Lenses). In this case, please be aware that this type of activity may involve your data being processed other social media platform, over which we have no control. Review Snapchat Privacy Policy for more information.

Which Cookies We Use

Essential cookies are cookies that are necessary for the app to work properly and safely. We don't need your consent to use them.

Depending on applicable local laws, we may need to seek your consent before using other types of cookies. Otherwise, the legal basis for the processing is our legitimate interest in operating and improving our services. You can manage your choices like withdrawal of your consent or opt out of cookies directly in the Yubo App > Safety & Privacy > Personalization and data > Privacy preferences.

Refusing all or part of the cookies is likely to change your experience on the Yubo App. We decline any liability resulting from your refusal of cookies and which may result in reduced functionality of the YUBO app.

You can find below a list of cookies that we use for the YUBO App, as well as an easy way to configure them.

Type of CookiesThird Parties involved

Crash reporting

Firebase (Crashlytics)



Google Analytics

Analytics, Marketing






Amazon Publisher Services



In Mobi









Security / safety and authentication



As a new version of these cookies is required to be installed, this information will be regularly updated, in accordance with the Privacy Policy

If you want to refuse the use of cookies on your device, you can follow the uninstall procedure offered by your device or check the instructions supplied by the manufacturer of the device (normally found in the “Settings” menu of your device). This procedure is specific to your operating system.  

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