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⚖️ Law Enforcement Guide

📲 About Yubo

Yubo is a social network that millions of people around the world use to make friends.

Yubo users meet people and make new friends by chatting and streaming live. 

Developed and operated by Paris-based company Twelve App, Yubo is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play.

✅ Safety on Yubo

The safety of Yubo users is a major priority for Twelve App, as well as a responsibility that we have to the young people who use Yubo. And the designers and engineers creating Yubo are tenacious advocates for our users’ safety. 

Yubo has a strict age minimum of 13 as well as community guidelines that human moderators proactively enforce on the platform. Over the past three years, Twelve App has become a global leader in safety with product innovation that drives the tech industry to create a more secure place for young people. Yubo’s suite of safety features is at the core of its product offering. 

Yubo is a member and partner of renowned child protection organizations such as NCMEC (National Center for Missing & Exploited Children), THORN, Internet Watch Foundation Helpline, E-Enfance, INHOPE, and the Internet Watch Foundation.

Twelve App is also a founding member of the Tech Coalition and Project Protect, a multi-million dollar initiative to fight for child protection.

💾 Data retention

Twelve App collects and stores user information only in accordance with Yubo’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

This includes the user’s name, date of birth, phone number, gender, location, friends on Yubo, and photos.

Data is retained according to applicable law and for as long as needed to allow users to use Yubo. In any case, as Yubo’s Privacy Policy explains, users are allowed to access their data by contacting privacy@yubo.live. 

📩 Data requests

Information requests from authorized public bodies might include information about the user (e.,g. name, date of birth, photo, and phone number), information about the user’s account (e.g., date created and IP address), and information about content created by the user (e.,g. messages sent, photos exchanged, and friends lists).

In accordance with French law and regulations, authorities requesting a user’s information are only bodies authorized by a legislative or regulatory provision, in the framework of a particular mission (such as the judicial, police, or gendarmerie administrations).

These data requests must:

  • be made in writing, on law enforcement letterhead and signed by the responsible law enforcement officer;
  • be submitted by mail and by e-mail to the address mentioned below;
  • specify the legal basis upon which it is made;
  • target persons who are identified or identifiable;
  • be occasional;
  • mention the categories of data to be communicated and their relevance to the current investigation;
  • mention a valid official email address allowing communication with TWELVE APP.

If authorities fail to satisfy the requirements mentioned above, TWELVE APP will not fulfill their requests.

Twelve App SAS

59 rue de Ponthieu, Bureau 562

75008 Paris



🌍 International data requests

If you represent a law enforcement authority outside of France, Twelve App will not be able to respond to your request for Yubo user data directly.

In accordance with international co-operation agreements, please contact the relevant French authority first so they can contact us on your behalf.

If you wish to contact the French Central Directorate of the Judicial Police, which is responsible for investigating and fighting serious crime in France, please write to them at the following addresses:

Direction Centrale de la Police Judiciaire

Sous Direction de la Lutte contre la Cybercriminalité

101 rue des Trois Fontanot

92000 Nanterre



As a courtesy to non-French law enforcement, we will review and respond to properly submitted preservation requests while the international co-operation process between law enforcement bodies, or entities, is undertaken.

🚑 Emergency data request

In cases where someone is at risk of imminent harm, such as death or serious physical injury, and Twelve App has information that could help to avert that harm, sworn law enforcement officials can also contact Twelve App directly while the official process is ongoing. 

An urgent request is considered as one only when there is an imminent risk of death or serious physical injury to a person.

All emergency data requests must be made by a sworn law enforcement official and come from an official law enforcement email domain, if sent via email.

User Notification

As a policy, Twelve App notifies Yubo users before disclosing their data to law enforcement unless providing such notice: 

  • is prohibited under applicable law; 
  • would jeopardize an investigation; 
  • and/or would put (an) individual(s) at risk of harm. 

It is the responsibility of the requesting law enforcement authority to clearly indicate in their request whether any of these criteria are met. 

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