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We put safety at the core of every decision made at Yubo. As a leading platform for young people to socialize online, we are constantly evolving and upgrading our safety features to stay up-to-date in an ever-changing online world. 

We have an extensive range of safety tools in place to keep our Yubo community as safe as possible and have built a robust safety framework which has led us to be recognized by industry experts as a leader in safety innovation. 

We supplement our technical tools and safety features with oversight from human Safety Specialists who work to proactively monitor activity on our platform 24/7. We’re proud to be the first major social media platform in the world to introduce real-time audio and video moderation for livestreams and to age-verify 100% of the users on our platform. 

We investigate every report submitted by our users and take action in response to all verified violations of our Community Guidelines, while also educating our users through real-time pop-ups that encourage behavioural change.  

Whether you’re a parent, a caretaker or an educator or a teen, the Safety Hub gives you the resources and advice you need. Visit our Help Center to submit any questions or if you weren’t able to find the information you were looking for. 

Our team is committed to building as safe an online space as possible – one that they, and you, can trust.

Our Safety Strategy

At Yubo, we take a proactive approach to safety in our pursuit of protecting, supporting, and educating our users. 

At Yubo, we believe a key aspect of developing healthy online behaviors is educating our users in real-time on what are considered appropriate and inappropriate actions. Users are provided with real-time educational pop-ups, designed according to behavioral experts, to inform them of violations of our Community Guidelines and to give them the opportunity to learn from experience and consider their future actions. 

Our safety tools include advanced AI algorithms, comprehensive age verification which has verified 100% of our users, and first-of-its kind video and audio moderation – each aimed at proactively minimizing risk to the extent possible for our users. These work alongside our team of human Safety Specialists who monitor activity across the platform 24/7 and respond to reports in real-time to ensure appropriate action is taken. 

We believe we have a responsibility to help protect our users and we are constantly developing additional safety enhancements to combat issues that can take place on social platforms. 

Our Team

We often say that safety is in Yubo’s DNA but what do we mean by that? It starts at the top, with the members of our senior management team who drive our safety strategy.

We also have a team of safety specialists around the world who are dedicated to making Yubo as safe and supportive as possible. They moderate content on the platform 24/7 and intervene when they see young people putting themselves and/or others at risk. They also respond to reports from our users – in a matter of minutes when it comes to something that is happening in a livestream.

Young people can report any concern to our safety team by tapping the shield icon in the app and selecting ‘Report’. Parents, carers and educators can get in touch via the red tab at the top of this Safety Center.

Our Safety Board

We are guided by a board of safety experts, made up of the following respected thought leaders, who provide invaluable advice and informing our proactive approach to safety:

  • Annie Mullins OBE – Independent Safety Advisor, Yubo 
  • John Shehan – Vice President, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) 
  • Alex Holmes – Deputy CEO, The Diana Award
  • Travis Bright – Product Director,  Thorn
  • Mick Moran – Garda Liaison officer Paris, former Deputy Director INTERPOL
  • Dr Richard Graham – Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and Clinical Director, Good Thinking
  • Anne Collier – Founder of Family Net News & Exec Director of The Net Safety Collaborative (TNSC)

Our Partners

It’s important that we work with governments, NGOs, charities and other organizations to drive innovation and awareness in digital safety and wellbeing. To do so:

We regularly run issues-led campaigns on Yubo by teaming up with the Cyberbullying Research Center, Good Thinking, Switchboard, The Diana Award, The Trevor Project, e-Enfance and many other leading NGOs. Find out more in our blogs about mental well-being and Pride Month.

We have also run a series of campaigns to raise awareness on topics such as bullying and hate speech. To celebrate Safer Internet Day in 2022, we partnered with Thorn to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology. To mark Anti-Bullying Week 2021, we ran an awareness campaign in partnership with The Diana Award (UK). In 2020, to promote diversity and inclusion, we also ran an awareness campaign with Inter-LGBT (France), Switchboard (UK), Minus18 (Australia) and The Trevor Project (US). Find out more on our blog

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