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Community Building and Making Friends on Yubo: Interview

3 minutes read

- Written by Yubo Team

Derrick and Darnel have built a huge community on Yubo-- with Lives hitting over 1000 viewers. They told us that they were able to create their community and make real friendships because Yubo gives them the freedom to be themselves and just have fun. That’s why we invited them to our blog to tell us more about how they use Yubo to make friends and form strong communities.

Who are Derrick and Darnel? 

Derrick and Darnel are two brothers from Broward County, Florida that are known for their “Bored and Black” and “Rant” Lives. Their Bored and Black lives are hilarious and chaotic, while their Rant Lives are a mix of humor and actual advice. On the Rant Lives, they ask viewers to come on and share something that’s bothering them, and they give them advice that can be anywhere from serious to ridiculous… depending on the ranter. They’ll make jokes when someone comes on to rant about a minor inconvenience, like their uber eats order being messed up. But, when a viewer actually needs their advice, they do everything to support them and let them know that they matter. It's their mix of banter and advice that keeps users coming back to their Lives and has created their community on Yubo. Here’s just a few hilarious quotes from their last Live to show you what we mean:   

  • “What’s bothering your biscuits?” 
  • “All that sauce with only six chicken tenders, It’s like life is trying to tell me I’m a joke” 
  • “Life’s not Subway, you can’t have it your way” 

They say that they found Yubo completely by accident, but ever since, they’ve been using it to be creative, make friends, and have fun.

How did they build a Community on Yubo? 

The way that Derrick and Darnel use Yubo has allowed them to quickly build a tight-knit community. They don’t always host, but every two weeks they do a Rant live. Meanwhile, their Bored and Black Lives could be anytime, and it's always exciting for the people who know them when they see it pop up on the app. These lives tend to be more chaotic than Rants but both show how hilarious, authentic, and fun these two are. 

Other than that, they told us that they don’t really have a structure, but that’s ok because that’s not what Yubo is about. Yubo gives users the freedom to be themselves and just have fun in Lives. Derrick and Darnel are perfect examples that being yourself, and having fun talking to people is all it takes to build an amazing community on Yubo!

Why do they Love Yubo?

Derrick and Darnel told us that they love Yubo because it lets them get to know, and sometimes even become friends with their viewers. They may have a big community, but they said that it feels like on Yubo, everyone knows everyone! They have such a large community that when they join a Live, they are often greeted by the hosts saying excitedly, “Is that Derrick?! Hi Darnel!!”. But, they explained that when this happens on Yubo, it's different from Live streaming on their Youtube, or their Instagrams. On those platforms that person would be a fan that they would have likely never talked to. Meanwhile, they said that when that happens on Yubo, odds are, they have talked to that person before. It’s these meaningful interactions that have led to them making friends while they built their community on Yubo

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